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Jadin's Journal

Posted by Debbie Gould on February 8, 2008 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

As some of you may know my daughter and her husband are leaving for Iraq at the end of the month, leaving her just turn 3year old son with his Nina (that's what he calls me) and Papa for 8 months.  I've started a journal for her to read when she gets back, as I know there will be many fun adventures. I'll post some excerpts from time to time to let ya'll now how we are doing.  I've started early, just to show you what I have in store for me when I leave on the 19th to go get him.


Feb 1:  Renee called this morning to tell me about the bird adventure.  She�d gone out to the car the put her stuff and Jadin�s snacks before waking him. She�d left the door open and as she was walking back to the house saw a bird fly in the house.  Well shit, whose room do you think it flew directly into? Yep, Jadin�s.  He banged himself against the wall then flew around in circles over Jadin�s sleeping head.

Frantic, of course, Renee ran to her room shaking a sleeping Ray.  �Get up, get up, you have to get the bird.� 

At this point Ray is looking at her as if she�s finally lost her grip on reality and gone round the bend.  She eventually convinces him to get up and go after the bird, which has now flown from Jadin�s room to their bedroom and into the bathroom and is perched on the shower door.

Renee, once again trying to dispute that God actually gave her brains goes and wakes Jadin up so he can come see the bird.  Good one Renee. So Jadin goes to see the bird in the bathroom and is all excited.  After studying the thing Jadin says to it in his cute little boy voice, �What are you doing here, you don�t live here.�

Ray at this point just wants the damn bird out of the house.  Renee tells Jadin its time to get dressed and then they can say goodbye to the bird on they�re way out.  At one point, unable to contain his excitement Jadin ran out into the hall naked, his mother calling him back to get dressed because she knew Ray was fighting with the bird.

Jadin says, �Oh, will it bite my pee pee?�  Typical male, even at 3, the first thing he worries about is his pee pee.

Back in the bathroom, Ray is putting up a brave battle against the beastly bird, its rough going for a while and just when Ray thought he might be defeated by the feathery sparrow, he gave it one more manly effort.  And, Hoo yah!  He won! He�d caught the intruder in a bath towel. All was well once again in the Ballestaros household.  Except when he open the towel and found that he broken the �damn things neck� and here comes Jadin running in to say goodbye to the little birdie who�d come to be his friend.

They passed Ray in the hallway cradling a towel mumbling about the fifteen minutes of sleep he�ll never get back, while Renee redirected Jadin telling him Daddy left the bird loose out side.  So all day and the whole ride home Jadin couldn�t wait to get back and see if the bird was there in the tree.

MURDERERS Jadin WILL read this one day!

Car Seat Saftey

Posted by Debbie Gould on March 22, 2007 at 2:42 PM Comments comments (1)

Okay, so this has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but by day I am a nurse and also a child saftey seat tech.  I went yesterday to the annual update meeting. The first disturbing thing was the misuse rate of child safety seats. In Vermont our missuse rate was 83%.  That is an alarming amount. One of the police officers told of a fatality he had two weeks ago. A six year old little boy was in the back seat of his moms car when they were involved in an accident. Unfortuately, although he was belted in, he had the shoulder belt behind his back because it was uncomfortable with it across his chest.  Which left only the lap belt potion to hold him. He died of a lacerated liver, spleen and other internal injuries which would have been totally preventable had the child been properly restrained.

Another officer had recently been at a scene where the car had struck a pole going 10 miles per hour. The twelve year old was in the front passenger seat leaning forward turning the radio station as the airbag deployed, breaking the childs neck and killing her.

The last was a video played in europe as a commercial for saftey belt use. Five teens were in a car when it wrecked. The two front passengers were belted, two in the back were belted and the one in the middle in the back was not restrained. The middlepassenger was thrown around in the vehicle so much that he was forced into both front seat passengers driving the drivers and passengers heads through thier windows and one of the passengers next to him through the back side window killing himself and the other three. One passenger survived, where had he been properly restrained they all would have lived.

Scary stuff. Anyway moral of the story, Please keep your children and yourselves safe and use the restraints they way they are made to be used. Your little girl or guy might not like it but the will live to complain to you about it. :)