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Posted by Debbie Gould on July 29, 2008 at 12:49 PM
Sunday night we went to my in-laws for pizza and wings to say goodbye to a cousin headed back to Hawaii after vacationing with us.  After the pizza and wings we went to the local dirt track to watch the car races. As most of you know I have my 3 year old Grandson while my daughter is in Iraq, about a half hour before the end of the races 10p or so, Jadin started complaining he was tired and rightly so.  Although he still watched intently as the cars wrecked.
Well yesterday, he was at my mother in laws for the day and she commented to my sister in-law that my other sister in-law looked "wicked" tired on Sunday. (Saturday was our good friends annual racing party where we all bring a junk car and race them out in his field -huge cook out and lots of beer(yes we could be called rednecks). Anyway when she said this Jadin piped up and said "Yeah, I was friggin tired last night too."  
LMAO  you just never know what this kid is going to come out with. His mother is soooo going to kick my ass when she gets home. LOL.
They also asked him if his Uncle Robert had a girlfriend up there at the races and he said no, so they asked if Papa(my husband) did and he said "no, Nina(me) was with him." Good Lord.  What next.

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