Posted by Debbie Gould on June 25, 2008 at 11:22 AM

I live in a small rural town in Vermont just over the boarder of Upstate New York. The neighboring town has a small newspaper that includes the surrounding areas in their paper. In this surrounding area are three women, all named Deborah Gould. Well, the last two weeks in a row, the police beat  in the paper has noted   Deborah Gould, 41, arrested for DWI.
blah, blah, blah... 2 frigging weeks in a row. These were separate incidents! Everyone else they write about, they also put the town they are from , like so and so from granville or so and so from Wells, but not with this one.  The first week, I knew some idiot
would think it was me. Then when she was in it again last week I felt
like putting my picture in the paper with just a caption saying, IT WASN'T ME!

A co-workers brother, who hangs out at the local American legion all the time
asked her what was going on with me, she's like what are you talking about
and he says the 2 DWI's.She tells him it wasn't me and he say we
all know it's her, we've been seeing her husband  out all the time. HUH?

 She told him that was crap and to tell all his gosping buddies at the bar
they were wrong, that I'm older than 41! LOL Fine, whatever it takes, I'm 43.

Well, I'm telling my 17 year old son what is being said and how people are seeing his father out and about all the time. (he only goes out when I'm in Florida, lol) and he's laughing his ass off. I'm like GREGORY, IT"S SOOO NOT FUNNY, DAMMIT! 
He says no, I'm  laughing because it's probably me they see at night.
(He's been driving the white and green truck of his fathers since radiator went in his car, about a month ago) His curfew on weekends and now that school is out is midnight and says
he always beeps when he's driving by the bar's on Main street cause he thinks it's funny
to see all the drunk people out there smoking trying to stumble around
to see who's beeping at them.
Well, isn't that handy!!  So he's why everyone thinks my husband  is out
And we wonder how rumors start.  Sooo not funny.

My daughter's response was "Well at least he amuses himself by picking on the drunks instead of joining them."  I guess I can look at that bright side.

So if any of you reading this, know me, and have seen the paper and heard the rumors,

IT'S NOT ME!!!!!!!!!

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