Posted by Debbie Gould on March 29, 2008 at 1:43 PM

Renee just called. She's getting ready to load onto the plane.  This time Jadin actually talked to her for a few minutes, hopefully it will make her feel better. He gets very excited when the phone rings, jumps up and says mommy! Then answers, says hi and hands the phone to me. SIGH  Anyway she's leaving Washington and off to Iraq.  She said it might be a couple days before she can call. Hopefully she can call to at least let me know she got there okay.  This is her secound tour in Iraq, but that doesn't make it any easier.

My mom watched Jadin at my house yesterday because he was sick. Around noon dhe called and says "How do you get the child off the microwave?" HUH! 

To back up a little, whenever we heat anything up in the microwave I tell him which numbers to push, so he always does this. Number recognition and all.  So I'm thinking 'what the hell.' whose the freakin adult here, he's 40 inches tall and she's 6 foot and can't figure out how to get him down from the microwave? What the hell's he doing ON it anyway?

After bursts of laughter she says noooo, it says child on the display.  OHHHHHHHHH!  Well in that case....I have no freakin clue.  Never seen it before. I guess he pushed to many numbers and it locked up.  Who knew! After unplugging it, it reset itself.

But you see what I'm dealing with right. Six more months of wondering just what he's going to do next.  Life is not dull, thats for sure.  I wonder how this is going to play out in my writing?? Hmmmmm. God only knows.

BTW, if anyone reading this has friends or family or a mail buddy over in the sandbox, Avon's skin so soft bug repellent is half off.  The stuff works really well for sand flees, which are a hugh problem there.  Some of the guys wrap dog flee collars around their wrists and ankles before going out.  That cant be healthy.  I bought a bunch to send to Renee and Ray as soon as they give me their address.


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